Saturday, October 22, 2011

Introducing Basil Riot Edwards

Got to the birthing center at 5:00am with contractions 3ish minutes apart.
this is during a can see how they progress by my facial expressions.
pretty amusing. now.

Tony was absolutely wonderful. never left my side.

so far so good! i can handle this labor stuff.........

the tub felt so wonderful. i highly endorse it. i never want to have a land birth.
(another contraction)

a few photos skipped and here she is!
after five hours of labor with less than an hour of pushing.
Welcome to the world Basil Riot Edwards!

The most beautiful baby i have ever seen.

Basil Riot
August 18 2011
8lbs. 6.5oz.
21 inches

June, our FABULOUS midwife. love her to the high heavens.

difficult...but so so soo soosososo worth it.

my crew. my wonderful friends. thank you all.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Belly Shots (no alcohol involved)

Before we introduce baby herself,
here she is in her bubble.
A ton of belly photos,
obviously not in chronological order.
Sorry, i dont remember the weeks exactly.
ill try my best, though.
30 weeks

23 weeks

35 weeks

there (he or she??) is! 19 weeks
19 weeks
...its a girl! she thiiinks.

37 weeks
first great granddaughter

37 weeks

18 weeks
trying to show off my "bump"

19 weeks

16 weeks
i thought i had a belly

41 weeks, 3 days "overdue"

41 weeks, 5 days "overdue"
this is what she was constantly making me look like

week 42, 8 days "overdue"

and finally 42 weeks, 12 days "overdue"
...but here she comes! shes more than ready for her big debut.
in the middle of a contraction

it worked!

It worked! Erin was right; i just had to switch to the "new blog interface" which i dont like at all, but at least its letting me post my pictures now! so the previous post that was held hostage in my drafts is obviously old- i definitely dont have that belly anymore... i traded it out for a baby! so here come new posts soon, of our updated life :)

Because i Love Alex

This is me getting back into blogging, since the babe comes next month (!!!) i should probably get back on the ball. Plus my favorite brother-in-law told me to pick up the pace. So heres a start! At least one a week is my goal. Fair enough, Al?
There is not one picture in the world taken of this little boy that is anything but freakin adorable. i still cant believe this mug.
Jence is a big fan of the zoo, and his momma is a big fan of 50 cent snake toys in the gift shop.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


we absolutely LOVED italy, and cant wait to do it again, someday with our wonderful friends Erin and Jeff. So much to see, you could live there forever!

Why would you pay to see David if hes standing right there outside? Of course its real!

I still can't believe i didnt buy this ::sigh:: next time. (i am apologizing to my mixed company right now)

My happy hobo. is was a beautiful time of year for sleeping outside.

The leaning tower! And we didnt even get a picture pretending to push it over.

We had borrowed Robs van for the trip and predicted a broken window. Let's not predict things anymore. They got my camera bag (complete with NO camera, suckers) but they did get my journal of FOUR years at that point, the one i started the first day i met tony. i cried. plus a whole bunch of other little very important things like my shewee. what goes around comes around, right? theyll get it bad. meanies.

Photo credit: Anthony. we bought the good camera for me, only to find out hes the photographer. dangit.

my wonderful stisters and our windowless car, which we could never leave alone for too long again after that. we all took turns. it made for windier road trips.

i think becky and i took a million of these. tourists do it all the time, for some reason, but usually in front of famous things...this was just in a tunnel ?

this happens a lot.

the Via dell'Amore (path of love) in Cinque Terre. love birds lock padlocks all along the path. i wish i had one! it was so fun to see all the love!

I had to add this one for my other stister and her wonderful man (currently in S.Korea) Sara + Alex Ti Amo. thats how far their love reaches; all the way to Italy!

We dont need padlock to prove our love...ive got him forever. (awww)

absolutely stunning little villages along the Cinque Terre route.

see? who wouldnt want to live here?

um. venice on my birthday...dont know how this one got into the mix. they will all probably be mixed up. int he cuuute? yes, tonys socks are on my hands.

strawberry fields forever...

more italy to come.. i think that was just from the first of three albums.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Germany and Austria

The next few posts will be very out of order, but pictures are pictures, right? I also added captions to the previous posts that were lacking wordage. So better late than never - Germany and Austria ready set go.

Tony's new found glory; the fact that he can now dryland snowboard. thank heaven for the RipStick. Im buying him one the minute we get back to america, though that means i will never be able to keep up with him. guess im buying two.

my lovely green hip after keeping up with rob, tony and quinton on the waterslides at the pool (thanks again, teresa and vic, for the great wedding gift! i dont blame you for this, just rob and tony) i never thought waterslides were a competetive sport. join the edwards' = think again.

so fun to watch/peek over a hotel wall. i never knew they still did these little german dances. loved it. they all started coughing, though, when they lit the fire.

the reason for plus 10 pounds. mmmm cheese pretzels. darn you, backerei!

yet another castle. just throw a rock...

the rest of vic and teresas wedding gift money went to glacier snowboarding in austria (no ripstick involved) so fun to snowboard in the summer!

I spread and prepare...

tony cuts and peels. we make a team. camping out in the mountains.

another night of camping out, but this time under a waterfall. love to fall asleep to that sound. we find the best "camping spots"

glaciers. Grossglockner Mountain.

air was perfect, water was cooolllddd. austria is just gorgeous.