Thursday, May 28, 2009

We're Getting Married!!

Sooo....Friday night, Tony took me on a bike ride, which isn't abnormal so i didnt think anything of it. At least an hour and a half later, after passing farms and animals and creeks and hills and all these fun things on the backroads, we pulled up to the top of a hill. He starts slowing down like i was supposed to be noticing something. A few seconds later i saw the San Antonio Temple on the next hill over.

We got there just in time for the sun to set, but, being friday night, the outter gates were closed. We ditched the motorcycle out front and, Dont tell anyone, but we may or may not have climbed the gates to walk the grounds (Tonys plan couldnt be foiled.) it seems like that over two years ago was just the other day, when we had to climb something or other to see the temples in egypt. so it was perfect for us.

we walked around for a bit, watching the sunset, looking at the beautiful stained glass windows of the temple, and we stopped just where we could see both the front doors and the sunset, and then he......
story to be continued. if you want to know how he asked me to marry him you will just have to call me and ask me to finish the story for you. then ill know how many of you are even looking at this blog ;)

Long story kinda short...we are engaged! and we are as happy as ever. the wedding wont be until we finish working in March, so dont start packing for San Antonio just yet. And now, last, but certainly nooottt least....

the ring!! isnt it beautiful? he did such a great job. and he had it in his pocket forever and i didnt even notice the big, square bulge that looked strangely like a ring box. hmm.

this is a fun took me a while to get the camera to catch it...but we love how its suspended and you can see the pyramid of it. fun, huh!?

okay, on your mark..get seeetttt...COMMENTS!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Johnny and Nicci Engagements..

so i havent asked Nicci's permission to post any of these yet, but she put this particular photo on facebook and im impatient so i took it as a go-ahead. Well here it is, Nicci..edited and all set! (no more backpack in the background and such) This was my favourite of all favourites so im glad you like it, too, Nicci. Just to let everyone know..they were FAAAABULOUS to shoot. i loved every minute..easiest couple to work with and they are just so adorable together. it was all so natural. im so happy for you two!**click on this picture to see it better..her ring is great!**

Friday, May 15, 2009

Baby Burp Cloths..

this is for Momma and Sara..i meant to put them up a while ago. ill have to take a picture of the baby shoes i made so i can post that next, too. The two middle rags are my favourite. dont tell anyone i secretly made an extra one for myself and tucked it away for a rainy day, hehee.

cute, huh? good thing im a craft pack-rat and keep every little scrap of ribbon that comes my way.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Birthdays & Crawdads

Amber and Birthday Girl, Kylee opening gifts.

Zo-Zo being OCD with the chalk. Someone would pull some out and she would walk right on over and put it back in its bucket.

The Boys and the Babes.

"Did you just take a picture of me!?"

Madds enjoying the pool.

I love this one! how adorable is that? tony took this picture.

Mandy, Me, Grant, Dad.

She enjoyed the cheesecake most.

Amber and her birthday baby. cant believe they are all turning one.

This is what happens at church basketball. those women are psyyyychotic. everyone kept giving tony funny looks when we walked around together. my reply was "i didnt have dinner ready on time"

Jason was such a sweetheart to walk back and forth, back and forth, toting all the babies around. they were loooving it. all the dads and men got to take turns throughout the night.

kelsey and tim there even a name for this game? i hate calling it the Ball throwing game. hmm.

Kenny manning the grill.

Madeline and Bij.

Shelly cookin the crawdads. niice face.

Sophie and darling.

My goofy boy...i dont quite know.

Kels is aaallll focus here.

Uncle tony teaching sophie how to throw a peace sign.

Got the sign down kinda, AND a smile. these pictures are my favourite because she used to run and bury her face in daddys pants when tony would come into the room. i think the trimmed beard helped. that and shes a big girl now.

salsa contest. fabulous. i think there should be another this weekend.

i just realized that Craig #2 is trying to put money in Craig #1's shirt...and im not sure i would like to know the

Tony being the best uncle a girl could ask fer.

Blake catching the crawdads..good thing he was there..and making that face..

this was great. mandy was worried about touching the crawdads because they had legs. she puts her plate down on the ledge after needing a break from her attempts....

and her 2 year old walks right over and picks it up off her plate. mandy just says "ohhh good girl, sophie!" it was cute.

the little girls playing with the live crawdads. they would poke them with things, they would grab hold with their pinchers, and the girls would giggle, scream, and throw them back in.

Grant: "hey pretty bout i give you a ride in my Radio Flyer..whadaya say? My dad will pull it for us"

Change of tony and i went to watch the Bats fly out from under the bridge in austin. a big tourist trap.

There they to eat. all three something million of them.

What a random, amazing sight.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Just For Ma..

Tony and i looooove and miss you! another year older, and still hot as ever! i hope i get your jeans.

Berk Goes to Houston..

This was a while ago..i just havent had time to put them up. it was back in March or so at Galviston Beach.

the killer jelly fish that almost ate us. brave becky even poked it..with a little help from my hand.

berky long boarding.

T and Mikey.

tia let me borrow her rash guard and my tummy was still red and sore.

tiiiiny puppy. i need one.

this is my favourite picture of the entire bunch. im so strong.

just as a all these pictures im drinking sprite and dr. pepper. im just always this goofy...

this bar had a long row of pin-ball machines. best idea, ever.

i love my stister.

we were making fun of the picture taken before looked like tony was picking his nose.

i...have no idea.

you never ever see greater faces than when berk and i get together.

ooorrrrr... when tony is listening to Madonna.


and again..

but obviously we werent enough entertainment for tia because she kept falling asleep.

Houston Girls Roller Derby. you have to be 18 or older to sit in the front row cause youll get a derby girl in your face.

it was quite humorous..

the super star.

the end.