Saturday, October 22, 2011

Introducing Basil Riot Edwards

Got to the birthing center at 5:00am with contractions 3ish minutes apart.
this is during a can see how they progress by my facial expressions.
pretty amusing. now.

Tony was absolutely wonderful. never left my side.

so far so good! i can handle this labor stuff.........

the tub felt so wonderful. i highly endorse it. i never want to have a land birth.
(another contraction)

a few photos skipped and here she is!
after five hours of labor with less than an hour of pushing.
Welcome to the world Basil Riot Edwards!

The most beautiful baby i have ever seen.

Basil Riot
August 18 2011
8lbs. 6.5oz.
21 inches

June, our FABULOUS midwife. love her to the high heavens.

difficult...but so so soo soosososo worth it.

my crew. my wonderful friends. thank you all.

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Notes from Chrystal said...

Congrats! Water birth = awesome? yeah?