Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Belly Shots (no alcohol involved)

Before we introduce baby herself,
here she is in her bubble.
A ton of belly photos,
obviously not in chronological order.
Sorry, i dont remember the weeks exactly.
ill try my best, though.
30 weeks

23 weeks

35 weeks

there (he or she??) is! 19 weeks
19 weeks
...its a girl! she thiiinks.

37 weeks
first great granddaughter

37 weeks

18 weeks
trying to show off my "bump"

19 weeks

16 weeks
i thought i had a belly

41 weeks, 3 days "overdue"

41 weeks, 5 days "overdue"
this is what she was constantly making me look like

week 42, 8 days "overdue"

and finally 42 weeks, 12 days "overdue"
...but here she comes! shes more than ready for her big debut.
in the middle of a contraction

it worked!

It worked! Erin was right; i just had to switch to the "new blog interface" which i dont like at all, but at least its letting me post my pictures now! so the previous post that was held hostage in my drafts is obviously old- i definitely dont have that belly anymore... i traded it out for a baby! so here come new posts soon, of our updated life :)

Because i Love Alex

This is me getting back into blogging, since the babe comes next month (!!!) i should probably get back on the ball. Plus my favorite brother-in-law told me to pick up the pace. So heres a start! At least one a week is my goal. Fair enough, Al?
There is not one picture in the world taken of this little boy that is anything but freakin adorable. i still cant believe this mug.
Jence is a big fan of the zoo, and his momma is a big fan of 50 cent snake toys in the gift shop.