Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Cruise

Heres parts of the not going to get to finish cause i dont have a lot more time, but ill finish later.
Here's dinner. we loved getting dressed up every night. we felt so shmancy.

Us cheering for our Red Team on team night.

niiiiiiice. the food was amazing. so thats pretty much all we did.

This is one of the formal nights for dinner.

my handsom man.

meee! more later.

The hunting trip

Here's some pictures of the trip...don't look at them if you get squirmy. Nothing too bad, but i just wanted to give a lil fair warning.
A friend has 5000 acres in Menard, TX and said we could come get a buck. Funny thing is, Tone and i were thinking "well if we have all that meat we are going to need a deep freeze cause we dont have enough room" next morning we drove past the neighbors house, who had put out a deep freeze to trash. Now we have a deep freeze! Here is me waiting..

And waiting...and i played with my camera.

And waited til the sun came up.

And here he comes..our spike (a spike is a buck with horns that are not symmetrical, or horns that dont fork) and no "real hunters" want them cause they arent trophy bucks.

and i got him! all these texan deer are so small cause there is nothing for them to eat. i was surprised that my ohio deer could kick any deer in texas' butt...yet another thing that proves the statement "everything's bigger in Texas" to be false.

tony cleaned him for me.

It was a new experience for the both of us.

i was just telling tony how i was so glad that i was wearing a pink shirt in these pictures :)
And thats it! you can open your eyes now, sara.

Weekend at The Ranch

Self Explanatory.

The four wheeler was a big hit. Thanks, Teresa! Here's tim and kels before the chain popped off.

How many Edwards' does it take to start a four wheeler?

We all took turns shooting at a cardboard box about three feet in front of us..."Gansta Style"
Thought we had more pictures than this. Sorry mom..You'll see more of the ranch, soon..ill be better at the picture taking.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Well there were more cowboy hats than lederhosen at this specific german festival. Made me miss my Deutschland.
But the food was still amazing. Kenny and John going to town on their pair of turkey legs.

Mike was pretty upset about them not checking his safety bar.

Again, the beard, or lack-thereof.

Somehow only Mike always seems to spot the camera during the "candid" shots.

Tim soon realized why they ask you to keep your arms inside the vehical at all times.

It got a little late, and as dad always said.. "Nothing good happens after midnight", not that this was hilarious or anything. Sorry, Daniel, but as official designated drivers, we have every right to post this picture (he sat in his drink after feeling the need to dance on tonys shoulders).

The Cut...

Okay yall. Here is my attempt at this blogging stuff. Sara's is just so cute that I had to try my own. Of course, I won't have any (well, as many) pictures of Jensen, but we still have Tony to bring adorableness to the site...don't tell him I said that.

So here we have our favourite Mr. Anthony, and yes, the rumours are true. Drum roll, please....

The beard is going...


...trimmed! The plan was to shave it completely, but I thought he was suuuper cute like this. I mean, rugged and manly.