Thursday, November 5, 2009

Deadly Desserts

Tim and Kelsey had an Appetizer/Dessert contest at their halloween party this year. Betty crocker and i made Spooky Brownies! Spiders, Frankensteins and Ghosts.

i think they are more "cutesy" than "spooky" but thats okay..and they would have been better if i hadnt put them in the pan so close together and THEN tried to draw their detailed 1:ooam the morning of. whoops.

Mr. Anthony did a wooonderful job on his Spider Web Seven Layer Dip. it was a big hit and won the appetizer contest! tim and kels gave us a gift card to macaroni grill/chilis/maggianos.

Daddy made icky looking Stuffed Cockroaches. yuuuck. but actually they were probably my favourite desserts there..if you pulled out the antennae, walked away and cleared you mind for a bit before popping them in your mouth, they were faaabulous. cream cheese and walnuts inside.