Sunday, February 13, 2011


we absolutely LOVED italy, and cant wait to do it again, someday with our wonderful friends Erin and Jeff. So much to see, you could live there forever!

Why would you pay to see David if hes standing right there outside? Of course its real!

I still can't believe i didnt buy this ::sigh:: next time. (i am apologizing to my mixed company right now)

My happy hobo. is was a beautiful time of year for sleeping outside.

The leaning tower! And we didnt even get a picture pretending to push it over.

We had borrowed Robs van for the trip and predicted a broken window. Let's not predict things anymore. They got my camera bag (complete with NO camera, suckers) but they did get my journal of FOUR years at that point, the one i started the first day i met tony. i cried. plus a whole bunch of other little very important things like my shewee. what goes around comes around, right? theyll get it bad. meanies.

Photo credit: Anthony. we bought the good camera for me, only to find out hes the photographer. dangit.

my wonderful stisters and our windowless car, which we could never leave alone for too long again after that. we all took turns. it made for windier road trips.

i think becky and i took a million of these. tourists do it all the time, for some reason, but usually in front of famous things...this was just in a tunnel ?

this happens a lot.

the Via dell'Amore (path of love) in Cinque Terre. love birds lock padlocks all along the path. i wish i had one! it was so fun to see all the love!

I had to add this one for my other stister and her wonderful man (currently in S.Korea) Sara + Alex Ti Amo. thats how far their love reaches; all the way to Italy!

We dont need padlock to prove our love...ive got him forever. (awww)

absolutely stunning little villages along the Cinque Terre route.

see? who wouldnt want to live here?

um. venice on my birthday...dont know how this one got into the mix. they will all probably be mixed up. int he cuuute? yes, tonys socks are on my hands.

strawberry fields forever...

more italy to come.. i think that was just from the first of three albums.


Ashlie Grow said...

it all looks so awesome!!! except the broken window, theif part!!! What would they want with your journal?! Ugh, im so mad for you!
p.s.... i heard a secret about you ;-) congrats!

Sarah said...

I am so sad and mad on your behalf about that journal. But otherwise, everything looks amazing! We saw the Cinque Terre when we did our bakpacking trip in 2001--it is beautiful!

Nicci said...

gorgeous pics!

Erin said...

awwwww, Italy! That's right we'll go! Fun pictures! So sorry about your journel.
You both look like you're in such great shape and so happy :)