Thursday, January 27, 2011

Germany and Austria

The next few posts will be very out of order, but pictures are pictures, right? I also added captions to the previous posts that were lacking wordage. So better late than never - Germany and Austria ready set go.

Tony's new found glory; the fact that he can now dryland snowboard. thank heaven for the RipStick. Im buying him one the minute we get back to america, though that means i will never be able to keep up with him. guess im buying two.

my lovely green hip after keeping up with rob, tony and quinton on the waterslides at the pool (thanks again, teresa and vic, for the great wedding gift! i dont blame you for this, just rob and tony) i never thought waterslides were a competetive sport. join the edwards' = think again.

so fun to watch/peek over a hotel wall. i never knew they still did these little german dances. loved it. they all started coughing, though, when they lit the fire.

the reason for plus 10 pounds. mmmm cheese pretzels. darn you, backerei!

yet another castle. just throw a rock...

the rest of vic and teresas wedding gift money went to glacier snowboarding in austria (no ripstick involved) so fun to snowboard in the summer!

I spread and prepare...

tony cuts and peels. we make a team. camping out in the mountains.

another night of camping out, but this time under a waterfall. love to fall asleep to that sound. we find the best "camping spots"

glaciers. Grossglockner Mountain.

air was perfect, water was cooolllddd. austria is just gorgeous.

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Ashlie Grow said...

yea! i need these posts more often! it is so fun to see what you guys are up to! austria does look gorgeous!! ...and how do you look so gorgeous after CAMPING?... if i took a trip like yours i would look sooo beat in all the pictures!