Monday, March 30, 2009

His Anniversary Gift

So for his present i took these pictures and framed them. Each object has something to do with us or has a story to it. i think ill probably swap a few of these pictures for other ones i take throughout time..the more i look at these, the more i dont like them. his gift to me was much better (see next post for details).

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Anniversary Gift

Tony took me to the Rodeo for our two year anniversary!!

"Give the Monkey a Quarter for Good Luck!" what a hoax! i didnt even win the raffle. i guess im just a sucker for little furry things. and tonys so good to me for giving me that quarter.

..and for buying me a tiny cup of oats for a dollar so i could feed the animals :)

i think they caught on that my food was exactly the same food as all the other little kids.

"llamaaa ffaaaaccee!"

we love each other.

But he was my favourite...

that was until he got mad that i stopped paying attention to him and started punching my hip. hes going knock some little kid out one of these days.

you just cant keep your paws off that cute little butt. i dont blame you, mr. goat.

i dont want to hear it, aunt raine.

poor lil cowlets. tony says they're tough and it doesnt hurt them when the cowboys throw them on their back and tie up their feets.

the big ol bulls were fun. especially when they attacked the rodeo clowns after the rider fell off.

The broncos noses would almost touch the ground, they were bucking so hard.

this was my favourite part of the night. a little boy came out on horse back and the announcer introduced him, i think he was 11? and he had said that he had wanted the crowd to see the horses that they had used that night from the rodeo in their natural state...

...which showed their true beauty. it gave us the goosebumps and something in my eye. they looked so much more comfortable and natural, all in a pack, all different colours. i loved it.

and tony bought me a giant turkey leg.

and my surprise of the night was Josh Turner!

Dang, i sure got me a good man.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Little Surfer Girl

Becky came down to Houston for Spring Break so we took a roadtrip! Mike taught me how to surf on some baby waves at Galviston Beach.

There she goes on her own. lets see how she does...



"alright yall i got this next wave, really"

...if it comes.


aaand, nope.

So everyone but Berk got up and left for a minute just in time for my 20 seconds of fame, when i actually stood up and surfed. And of course i dont have a picture of it because berk had just put the camera down. at least shes my eye witness. you can ask her how cool i was. because i was definitely way cool.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Crawdad Boil

So, for all you people who grew up with me, a "Crawdad" is a Crayfish. so when we went behind Westerly to catch the crayfish, we could have had a feast. and to think all those years we thought they were poisonous baby lobsters!

This was Glens birhtday party. There happened to be a cold front this weekend, hence the coat and red nose.

Aunt Jes and Madeline.

"hey ma, whats this for?"

First and, fortunately, only, keg stand of the night. Poor lil guy.

Mikey gave her a piece of the spiciest corn ive ever had. wish you could see the face shes making in this picture right now.

This doesnt even do justice to how messy this table got. 60lbs of crawdads and even more corn and potatoes and artichoke. it was wonderful.

Towards the end of the night, and after at least 2 bottles of whatever, Glen decided it was time to sing to me.

Got him! he should have been more careful.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Off to the Races Again!

Our sunday afternoon outside adventures! Monty, Medussa and i hung from trees...

Played Hide-and-Go-Seek...

a few rounds of "I Spy with my little eye"...

went back to our tree house...

caught some rays...

and took a nice long nap before calling it a day.

We went to the Drag Races. so much fun, minus the fact that a big fat cold front came in and froze us all to death. it was 20degrees that night on some metal bleechers...and WINDY as heck. (monty and meddy did not come with.)

There's Jeff in the white truck..for some reason we didnt get pictures on jim in his mustang. but they both did very well.

there he goooeeess...

and jeff wins! yay! the fastest car we saw went a quarter mile in 8.9 seconds.