Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Trail of Lights

He looked like a softer ride than the raccoon..and cuter, too.

this was uploaded by accident. i think it was when tony and i made an awesome dinner with mashed tatoes and venison and asparagus all topped with a chipotle cream sauce. daaang!

The entrance to the trail of lights. different sponsors each decorated their own huge tree and you could walk down the path and see all the different lights. such a cute idea. like the fire department decorated their tree with reds and oranges and yellows and it looked like fire.

Her first Christmas.

This tree looks like it was dipped in sprinkles...i wish this picture did it justice.

i think someone misunderstood the concept.

The end of the trail of lights..this sequence is pretty much all backwards..but thats okay.

This is us trying to squeeze and make room for the giant Christmas tree in the picture.

i want all those stars. this was a fun night.

i dont exactly why i look so goofy in ever one of these pictures..but just go with it.

the most elegant pose ever.

why is he so much cuter than i am upside-down?

my point proven again.

This is under the giant Christmas tree they make in zilker park every year. everyone goes and drinks cocoa and eats kettle corn and snuggles and spins under the lights. these faces usually arent planned.

Maddie had a great time under the giant tree.

There she goes!

My hard-core boyfriend just can't hide that sweet little face.

Meet Blake. We like him.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Just Playin Around with Some Randoms

My hunter. Most of these are from a random photo shoot at the ranch.

The "ugly rock quarry" at the ranch that Tony and i secretly think is beautiful.

i call this one "A Broken Down Tractor and Clean Socks".

More of the rock quarry.

Yes, i definitely sat right on top of one when i was taking this picture. i swear up and down that it wasnt there when i looked!

Cutest thing in my world. cant get enough of him.

From the trip to Ohio for Thanksgiving...once upon a time i was the tall one.

i already miss them way too much.

The fam. Every time i look at this picture, i wonder why we all kept crouching lower..and lower..and lower.....sara is practically folded in half.

yes, i was bored. i was just hoping that maybe by posting pictures on blogspot, i would be setting a good example for my big sister...hint hint. if you click on this picture it gives a close up and our eyes look super crazy.

we are painting the room! i am finally getting my red walls. i love love love it, much as i dont want to admit it...i do understand why dad wouldnt help me paint a red room at home.

i love my little camera. i need to learn to pull it out more. and no, i didnt draw this paint on the can, it really dripped down on its own like that.

Monday, December 8, 2008

The building of the Christmas tree

its our first Christmas together, for family home evening (a day early because we were too excited to wait) we put up our Christmas Tree!! Yay!! The angels were all too fat and ugly so we have a star, and lucked out on a really pretty one.

Yay for fake Christmas Trees!

Fluffing the branches with Blake in the background.

Dang those tree hugging hippies..

I think I inherited moms OCD-ness with the lights. and Mr. Scrooge (AKA Blake) would rather play Tony Hawk Pro Skater than help with the tree. Humbug.

48 mini blue and silver balls. that was really fun. i just realized im going to have to go home tonight and straighten out the bottom of that tree..the left side is lower than the right. i have a feeling that every time i walk past it im going to spend ten minutes changing things around.

and for the final touch. boy, he makes that tree look short.

"Jes, Did you really think i was going to let you have Christmas without a Christmas tree?" He's so good to me :)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Few Randoms

had to put this one in here..its a forever favourite from Egypt.

Halloween...Michael Jackson and a Pirate..quite the couple. Tony was a major hit..again, this picture does not do his entire costume justice.

two of many favourite pictures of mr. anthony.

Cozumel, Mexico

Most of the time we were there it was raining so hard..which was freaking awesome. We rented a Jeep and went off-roading. We brought our snorkel gear and felt the rain on our backs and crazy fish on our bellies. We went to a secluded beach and snorkeled, but then a big group of chinese people came with tour guides. One tour guide was surrounded by a million fish and i didnt understand, so i swam up to him and realized he had stuffed his pockets with some kind of smelly meat. he handed me some and the fish were attacking me. it was so fun.

us at a mini bay.

you can see the rain clouds in this one. this is when i had to wash rotten coconut juice off of me. i smashed one on the rocks and it squirted naassttyy black poop juice on me. yuuuck.

my boy. he's so cute.

this doesnt do justice to the waves beautiful.

our jeep. and a gorgeous island.

wish yall were there. it was so wonderful.

More on the ship

elevators on a boat. it still baffles my mind.

they had five different scenes. we played with them all. so fun.

they poked fun of me cause i "wasnt even aiming" ..but i was raised that you do nnoottt point guns at other people. and yes, that hat was huge.

you cant see the amazing-ness of our outfits..that hundreds of people have worn before us..siiicckk.

his turned out better.

this was us trying to sneak a free picture... but with our luck it turned out crazy-like.
Next stop...Jamaica!