Friday, June 26, 2009

Missing You Already, MJ

"We're sending out... a major love...
and this is our message to you...
The planets are lining up...
we're bringing brighter days... They're all in line...waiting for you...
Can't you see?
You're just another Part of me" -MJ

if only more people could be like you, Michael. what fabulous talent the world lost on 25 June 09.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Secret Garden..

Welcome to Blake's Dad's Fabulous Garden...

Jes: "awww, the baby cucumbers look like baby pickles!"
Papa T: "well ma'am, and that's exactly what they are."
Will you please just look at this home-made irrigation system!? how fantastic is Papa T?

This one's my favourite...

I'll be you he's eating those right now...

The Onion Graveyard...

Love those little curly vines.

Nature in a coffee can..

Papa T: "Everything i own is broken, leaks or leans."

Friday, June 5, 2009

Madd's 1st Birthday

its a biiitt late, i know, i know..but life has been busier than expected recently.

melissa did a fantastic job with all the darling decorations...

the entire house was covered in pink and brown.

the birthday hat.

she was being too lady-like, so uncle kenny had to help make a mess of things.

"ugh, who invited this guy?"

getting into the swing of things, once she realized a mess was appropriate for the occasion.

"now hes eating my cupcake? really, guys."

that cupcake didnt stand a chance.

helping ma clean up.

"good work, team..lets meet again tomorrow"

the beautiful birthday girl all cleaned up and jammied.

lady-like again..trying to resist a birthday kiss.