Monday, August 24, 2009

Krutsinger Family Reunion

The wonderful Krutsinger Family that adopted us for their reunion.

adam and our soon-to-be newest member of the Krutsinger Clan, mandy!

Tim thouroughly enjoying one of Jeffs famous hugs.

i tried to get pictures of them all but i swear there were more munchkins running around that i missed.

an intense game of Water Polo. thats what they called it, at least.

Stuarts candid abercrombie model pose.

very intense.

more of the chilluns..

and apparently this is what happens in water polo. or at least it does when our boys get together. each one of them had bloody toes.

4th o' July

here's me attempting to catch up...I've been slacking on the updating.

Fourth of July at the Lakehouse.

This picture does noootttt do justice to how totalled Brandon and Darrens poor jetski is. a very long story short: both at full throttle, i was in tonys blindspot, he turned, my jetski would not turn, i T-boned him, he flung, i flew..if our bodies had hit eachother we wouldnt be alive. it was rediculously scary.

Baby swallows sleeping with poppa on the lookout.

Momma feeding them...alllll day. poor lady.