Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Crawdad Boil

So, for all you people who grew up with me, a "Crawdad" is a Crayfish. so when we went behind Westerly to catch the crayfish, we could have had a feast. and to think all those years we thought they were poisonous baby lobsters!

This was Glens birhtday party. There happened to be a cold front this weekend, hence the coat and red nose.

Aunt Jes and Madeline.

"hey ma, whats this for?"

First and, fortunately, only, keg stand of the night. Poor lil guy.

Mikey gave her a piece of the spiciest corn ive ever had. wish you could see the face shes making in this picture right now.

This doesnt even do justice to how messy this table got. 60lbs of crawdads and even more corn and potatoes and artichoke. it was wonderful.

Towards the end of the night, and after at least 2 bottles of whatever, Glen decided it was time to sing to me.

Got him! he should have been more careful.

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