Monday, March 30, 2009

His Anniversary Gift

So for his present i took these pictures and framed them. Each object has something to do with us or has a story to it. i think ill probably swap a few of these pictures for other ones i take throughout time..the more i look at these, the more i dont like them. his gift to me was much better (see next post for details).


Mandy said...

I love this!!! I wanted to do one of these for each of the kids one day. I think it's wonderful, I bet Tony LOVES it!

Jennifer said...

How freakin amazing are you?! (you too Tony - kudos on the rodeo) :) but, seriously - did you just come up with this? i LOVE it! Love the idea above also (kids names)- if I ever feel creative maybe I'll adapt the idea for our crew... haha... now that I think about it... a close-up on my belly actually would make a good "D" - straight back, HUGE bump. :) Miss y'all.

Nicci said...

you are so creative!