Monday, December 8, 2008

The building of the Christmas tree

its our first Christmas together, for family home evening (a day early because we were too excited to wait) we put up our Christmas Tree!! Yay!! The angels were all too fat and ugly so we have a star, and lucked out on a really pretty one.

Yay for fake Christmas Trees!

Fluffing the branches with Blake in the background.

Dang those tree hugging hippies..

I think I inherited moms OCD-ness with the lights. and Mr. Scrooge (AKA Blake) would rather play Tony Hawk Pro Skater than help with the tree. Humbug.

48 mini blue and silver balls. that was really fun. i just realized im going to have to go home tonight and straighten out the bottom of that tree..the left side is lower than the right. i have a feeling that every time i walk past it im going to spend ten minutes changing things around.

and for the final touch. boy, he makes that tree look short.

"Jes, Did you really think i was going to let you have Christmas without a Christmas tree?" He's so good to me :)

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