Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Trail of Lights

He looked like a softer ride than the raccoon..and cuter, too.

this was uploaded by accident. i think it was when tony and i made an awesome dinner with mashed tatoes and venison and asparagus all topped with a chipotle cream sauce. daaang!

The entrance to the trail of lights. different sponsors each decorated their own huge tree and you could walk down the path and see all the different lights. such a cute idea. like the fire department decorated their tree with reds and oranges and yellows and it looked like fire.

Her first Christmas.

This tree looks like it was dipped in sprinkles...i wish this picture did it justice.

i think someone misunderstood the concept.

The end of the trail of lights..this sequence is pretty much all backwards..but thats okay.

This is us trying to squeeze and make room for the giant Christmas tree in the picture.

i want all those stars. this was a fun night.

i dont exactly why i look so goofy in ever one of these pictures..but just go with it.

the most elegant pose ever.

why is he so much cuter than i am upside-down?

my point proven again.

This is under the giant Christmas tree they make in zilker park every year. everyone goes and drinks cocoa and eats kettle corn and snuggles and spins under the lights. these faces usually arent planned.

Maddie had a great time under the giant tree.

There she goes!

My hard-core boyfriend just can't hide that sweet little face.

Meet Blake. We like him.

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