Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Just Playin Around with Some Randoms

My hunter. Most of these are from a random photo shoot at the ranch.

The "ugly rock quarry" at the ranch that Tony and i secretly think is beautiful.

i call this one "A Broken Down Tractor and Clean Socks".

More of the rock quarry.

Yes, i definitely sat right on top of one when i was taking this picture. i swear up and down that it wasnt there when i looked!

Cutest thing in my world. cant get enough of him.

From the trip to Ohio for Thanksgiving...once upon a time i was the tall one.

i already miss them way too much.

The fam. Every time i look at this picture, i wonder why we all kept crouching lower..and lower..and lower.....sara is practically folded in half.

yes, i was bored. i was just hoping that maybe by posting pictures on blogspot, i would be setting a good example for my big sister...hint hint. if you click on this picture it gives a close up and our eyes look super crazy.

we are painting the room! i am finally getting my red walls. i love love love it, much as i dont want to admit it...i do understand why dad wouldnt help me paint a red room at home.

i love my little camera. i need to learn to pull it out more. and no, i didnt draw this paint on the can, it really dripped down on its own like that.

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