Wednesday, February 11, 2009

the game of horseshoes.

this is what we three do. i play with the camera and the boys play shoes..cause basically i am terrible at it, and id rather watch. this was a ridiculously beautiful day. more pictures from this day are to come.

now theres someone who is very happy to throw a chunk of metal across the yard.

boy concentrates more on horseshoes than anyone ive ever met.

"oh, did you get that release, jess!? cause that was a ringer. now youll know the correct form." he says.

my favourite horseshoe-er in the world.

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the.G.s said...

Wow, T's hair is getting looong! Kind of like it when not accompanied by a beard of equal length. And Alex didn't believe me at first when I read what you wrote about the pig... he likes to feel involved...