Monday, February 23, 2009

some Valentines day Cheesiness

Tony and Trina. Teresa has the best view for sunsets at her house.

Good ol' Uncle Tony.

Tony and mom on the new huge four wheeler.

Okay, Mrs. Garner, you happy now? To fill y'all in, Sara has recently told me that i need to hurry up and have a baby so my Blog isnt 100% an Ode to Tony. So i found a baby, who happens to be one i am quite fond of, to put on my blog for a bit of variety. But really, these next few pictures are for Jensen. Jence, Meet Madeline, also known as your future girlfriend.

How could you deny that little scrunched nose? Exactly; you just cant.

"Right, on to more important issues..who brought the food?"

Aaand we're nose scrunching again. She started doing this recently..mostly when there are men in the room. Gonna be a handfull, that girl.

On the way home from Hamilton Pool..the clouds turned into lava.

For Valentines day Tony surprised me with a trip to Hamilton Pool over in the middle of nowhere/the "hill country". We hiked around for a while and enjoyed the fantastic weather and trees. beautiful trees.

Didnt mean to upload this but actually its kinda cool. Good job, tone.

We just sat in the cave for a was really reeaally nice to get away from the city once again.

...i warned you with the Title of this Blog... it's gonna be cheesseebbaaalll!

This whole cave used to be an under-ground river but it caved in.

Wilson tags along most everywhere we go.

my hand looks like a blown up rubber glove. ew. and i LOVE my scarf, berk.

Another one of Tony's creations. He loves taking pictures, too.

Uh oh, here we go with the Black and white again. Just to warn yall, i tend to jump in and out of the B&W phases a lot. Sometimes im obsessed with unrealistically bright colours, and then all of the sudden i get it in my head that no picture should be in anything but Black and White.


Come's Valentines day.

You can't tell me this doesnt look like something from the Labyrinth or Never Ending Story. See the face??

The big Pool.

Just as we we're reaching the cave over the big pool it started raining pretty hard for a good five minutes..but that was just enough to the the "waterfall" that dumps over the ledge going. Perfect timing.

More pictures for Sara..see? no tonys in this picture at all! ;)

i wanted to stay and take pictures all day. that place is gorgeous. worth at least ten more trips this summer.

Ode to the trees, whos branches well please, and overlook the seas, sprawling in all degrees, giving shade, breath, and ease...haha, Sara i'm totally just trying to pull your chain. i'm sorry, i so love you to death.

a secret little baby cave i found. and thats the end of valentines day! Here are some randoms i decided to post.

Hmm, flat tire. Not the favourite thing to see when youre fiiinally stepping out of the office at 5:03.

Hmmmm..another flat tire. What else is new?

Well at least it's not a flat tire! Ever heard of a Slave Cylinder? Cause appearantly it can go bad on a truck.

The end! Sorry, that was the longest post of my life.

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