Thursday, January 8, 2009

My lil pets

Although it looks that way, Monty loves Medussa and does not have her in a head-lock.

See? they love each other.

a whole different kind of "pets".

My sweet babies.

this turned colour psycho for some reason. look how yellow meddie is compared to monty.

she was in a better prairie-dog mode but started coming down before i got the picture. there goes monty in the background. they love it here and i love letting them roam cause theres lots of room before they can find a tiny dark hole to get stuck in.

shes catching up length-wise. gotta get more rats in her and fatten her up.

shines blue and red in the light...kinda like deli cut roast beef.

And here's the Buster. he doesnt like my back seat photo shoots as much as kiki and jensen do.

we're workin on it, though.

there's a smile. actually it was a sneeze. right on my lense.

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