Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Miracle of the Camera Phone

All these are from my camera phone..hence the terrible quality..but ive been wanting to get them on here ever though they are quite random. The cute gingerbread house Tone and i made at dads house when we were there for thanksgiving.

This is the chick that tried to flip a U out of nowhere when we were minding our own business, cruising down our own lane..

and this is why you get a Jeep instead of the car you get Daddy to buy you. (Tim still says i have bad Mojo and that i shouldnt be allowed to ride in his Jeep anymore..i was in the front seat when this happened)

Kenny and Shelly's wedding. And no one looked better in their tux that night than my anthony.

Tony's birthday present. What a hard life.

"Oh, a picture?? I don't remember the last time i took a picture with a beau like this!"

At Huntington Beach on Graduation day. hehe.

aaaaand we can cant even have a vacation without tony coming to the rescue. he somehow always seems to have his nose stuck in the engine of whatever the heck it is someone is driving. this happens to be a house boat.

Haedyn and i waited patiently and ate our chocolate pudding until unlce tony fixed the engine and came out to play with us.

Me and the TwoTone on the way to the beach-house.

Me and Slim. Tony cant seem to keep me from taking lost dogs with me wherever i go.

The Morgan 33. Our home for two months while we sailed down the Cali coast toward Mexico. Long story.

Our "insurance" as tony called it. these life rafts cost about 2000 bucks..we found this one on craigslist for 300 and the guy gave it to us for 200 and threw in some fishing gear and a knee board. we blew it up by hand to make sure it was legit, but it has a canister that pops it up in emergencies in about 5 seconds. we still arent sure if the canister works. but we have a life raft!

Tony Tony Tony. i thought california was supposed to be hot in the summer. i guess no one said california WATERS are hot in the summer. blast.

Me and Dad's cousin, Kent outside the Disney Studios. We dropped by towards the end of our embarkment. He works there so he gave us a tour and took us to lunch. please note the bunny ears on my head. sure is dads cousin.

And we will end with this picture of Morro Bay. Needless to say, cameras, especially camera phones, cannot capture the real thing. There's our boat somewhere in that mess of boats docked. I sent this picture to Sara and all i can think about when i see this is the comment she made about it. "Why are some people so lucky that they get to live in these places?" The earths beauty baffles my mind.

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