Friday, May 8, 2009

Berk Goes to Houston..

This was a while ago..i just havent had time to put them up. it was back in March or so at Galviston Beach.

the killer jelly fish that almost ate us. brave becky even poked it..with a little help from my hand.

berky long boarding.

T and Mikey.

tia let me borrow her rash guard and my tummy was still red and sore.

tiiiiny puppy. i need one.

this is my favourite picture of the entire bunch. im so strong.

just as a all these pictures im drinking sprite and dr. pepper. im just always this goofy...

this bar had a long row of pin-ball machines. best idea, ever.

i love my stister.

we were making fun of the picture taken before looked like tony was picking his nose.

i...have no idea.

you never ever see greater faces than when berk and i get together.

ooorrrrr... when tony is listening to Madonna.


and again..

but obviously we werent enough entertainment for tia because she kept falling asleep.

Houston Girls Roller Derby. you have to be 18 or older to sit in the front row cause youll get a derby girl in your face.

it was quite humorous..

the super star.

the end.

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