Monday, October 1, 2012

A one-year old.. What!?

Whoops. The last post was her birthday. And here is her birthday again. Where did that year go!? How many moms have I heard say that, and I still wasn't prepared.
Well this is not a Sara Garner birthday party. But it was still really cute, complete with a map banner and matching colors and a fabulous baked potato bar.. and of course I can't prove it because the next few photos are the extent of what was taken that day. In the moment I was intent on wanting to live it and not be behind the camera. Now...I wish the dang thing was glued to my face, as usual. Bummer.
And I can't forget a very special thanks to everyone who contributed to the donation jar in lieu of gifts. We raised $130 (!!!) which was sent to the Save Africa's Children non-profit charity to help fund a free clinic for orphaned babies who are in risk of HIV/AIDS. Thank you, thank you everyone. I cannot say it enough.
Happy One Year, punkin!
(never mind she's actually almost 14 months now)
 Pre-party faces.

 She seemed excited for her cake...

 But it might have just been the fire, because...

she just wasn't havin' it. 

This girl does nnoottt like getting her fingers messy. Great. And great!

I put Basil's fave on top for a last ditch effort. But she could see right through me. The frosting was cream cheese sweetened with breastmilk. She loved it before the party, but not when she had to touch it herself.

"Visualize whirled pea's"

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