Monday, April 23, 2012

Behind the Scenes

Finally getting around to updating. Still on Basil's birth... but this time less of me and more of what happened behind the scenes.

Look at that little bubbly blue baby. I was so grateful for Becky jumping through so many hoops to be there. Her love and support was incredible. Not to mention the priceless video and photos Basil and I get to adore forever.

Hahaha, yeah, awesome, thanks Tony.
(but really, he was great. Couldnt have done it without him. literally. get it?)

This was Berk's perch for the last, and obviously most eventful, portion.
She sat on a ledge above the tub. Hence the angle of the first picture.

This. THIS is my favourite picture of the entire day.
The genuine smiles and the watery, red-brimmed eyes just melt my heart.

sweet becky took about an hour to dress Basil for the first time.
She was so careful not to break my tiny baby's tiny arms ;)

So much going on and Basil just gazes..
Thus the love affair begins.

Trust Becky to find the mirror.

"You come in with three people and you leave with four!!"

What happens when you want to meet your baby so so so bad.

And to end on a prettier note....
Bottoms up!

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