Friday, July 30, 2010


three of seven waterfalls we saw in ourika.

look close..its a wild monkey! we saw tons of fun to see them not in a zoo.

this morning i awoke to wonderful breeze and the smell of fresh cooked bread. it was the first meaning not sweltering..night we have had in marrakech and i slept like a rock. When i felt tony blowing on my back and legs i figured he was being sweet keeping me cooled off like he does often. i opened my eyes to see that a chimney sweep had replaced my husband. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

our view of the mosque from our roof where we pay a whopping total of 8 bucks a night. which is the reason we woke up black with soot. a nearby bread factory had been puffing its smoke stacks all night and it all dumped right onto us. and everything we own.

houssain, our new friend, took us home to mom and pops where we got to eat real home made moroccan food five times a day, see the chickens, donkeys, roosters, turkeys, sheep, goats and family cow. this was true hospitality, they didnt expect anything in return and were not at work getting paid for their services. this is the visceral moments for which we search and such a wonderful experience.

this henna process took four hours total. i had to use the restroom the entire time..but i couldnt move from this spot because it was on my hands and bottoms of my feet.

our friends we met who fed us free tagine.

my boyscout making our fire where we slept for a few nights.

mr. dung.

hiking around in Ourika.

Ourika waterfalls

the picture that cost me a bruising pinch on the arm..he wanted money for taking the picture. it wasnt even a good picture. did i pay him? heck no, not after he grabbed me. tony got inbetween us while i got away and told the mean man just where he would kick if he ever touched his wife again. we need to learn that phrase in arabic.

this one i snuck. without a pinch.

real alive snake charmers!


Jane Frazier said...

I want to go there so badly; you and your hubby are livin the dream and I think of you often as I careen around the US tryin to do the same...haha!

adyglesias said...

So good to see your faces again- You guys look great! Hugs!