Friday, July 30, 2010



the taunt after the run. if you run the entire way you end up in the arena and get to dance with the bulls. their horns are plugged at this point and they let them out one by one. some of the guys even line up in front of the gate, get on their knees and let the bull trample them as he enters the arena in a mad rampage.

gramma berries! but i just learned that her tree died so im glad we found these..a taste of kentucky.

laundry day in the park.

our first blessings after a dirty deed. we got our bags out of consignment for free..supposed to be 20euro.. and a 5euro donation, from patrick..a boy we didnt even know. the papers are the police reports for the stolen wallet.

tonys mad scientist getup that we found on the ground. you get talked about in the newspaper if you dont follow tradition and wear white or red.

my beautiful dangerous wife, right after our second run.

nervous/giddy/tired/nervous right before the first run. we had noooooo idea what to expect.

our spaniards with whom we went through a crazy mess trying to catch a plane after three late trains and a very expensive taxi ride. we made the plane just in time after jumping the check in line AND security line...only to find out that it had been delayed by two hours anyway.

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