Saturday, July 10, 2010

Cartagena, Spain

We got ontop of someones roof to check out the view of what everyone else was paying for.

a beautiful P-Fowl we found bleeding from a fight. Saddest thing ever. hopefully the cops we called did something about it.

The bull ring.

From the ship. Last stop before they kick us off in Barcelona.

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gma chrissie said...

Hey guys! The Garners, Becky, Jaimie and I just ate Black Bean Soup @ Gramps house. Wish you were with us...and then you could magically return to Europe of course so we wouldn't interrupt your honeymoon. Sara looks at least 8 months prego. Can't imagine where she's going to put the rest of this baby for the next three months. Looks like y'all are staying interesting. Stay safe and we love you!