Thursday, June 3, 2010

On the Road Again

After 18 months of living and working in Austin, we finally get to get back out on the road again. We have very much enjoyed being around Tony's family with BBQs, birthdays, softball, weddings, lake trips, darling babies, etc...but it's sure nice to see "I Heart (fill in the blank with current country/city)" shirts instead of the ever getting old "Keep Austin Weird" shirts. Thanks to everyone who made our trip possible, especially Tim, who's generosity never ceases to amaze.

Tony in the lead, followed by me in the Kia, fighting the rain to get to Galviston, where the cruise ship would be leaving in 3 hours. We were just barely on time so we didn't get our head start in the buffet line, but don't worry; we did end up getting our moneys worth of food over the next 14 days.

Pulling up to the Bahamas at sunrise. I think we left the camera on the boat because we only have video, no pictures, of Nassau. But the island was beautiful as we rode on a scooter the entire way around. We also ate the meat and spinal cord of a giant Conch right out of the shell from some sweet man (who also handed me an odd shaped piece of the sea creature and informed me that it was his "Doggie"... "his what?" ... "his doggie.." and then smacked his hand on the table in a fit of laughter, splattering fish guts all over my face. oh.)

Tony giving high fives to the excited school kids of the Azores, an island off of Portugal made up of volcanoes with lakes in them. We thought we could get by using our spanish, but we found out otherwise after the first ten minutes off the boat. These kids had 90 minutes for their lunchbreak and spent it with us showing off their english, bad words and all.

"Birds of Paradise" a flower we were admiring when a local came up to us and told us to take the seed out to keep. When she got back on her cell phone she told her friend in Portugese "just talking to some tourists"

The cute little girl who shared her raw corn with us to feed the pigeons. Then grabbed one from the tail, picked it up and handed it to Tony. We were more entertaining to her than the birds.

They were setting up for a festival in that plaza that we were just missing by a few days. It was raining a bit, which just made the green hills that much more beautiful. A man gave us a ride in a car that didn't even fit Tony alone. We found out he was a contractor and was working for the mayor. "Actually im not supposed to have anyone in this car because it's his car, so you'll have to get out here. The cops are down the street."

The old fortress that we do not know loads about. We keep writing things down that we would like to look up and research, but as you can tell by our lack of updating, we don't get online much.

The cathedral on the hill where two ladies from our cruise asked me to take a picture of them. "sure, what do you want in the backround?" meaning do you want most of the church or the entire thing... "we want the ship in the back!" sure thing..whatever floats your boat.

Waving goodbye to the rolling hills of the Azores. They really were green, i promise. Next stop: Spain.

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gma chrissie said...

Hey my loves! Just keeping tabs on you. Thanks for sharing your cool pics and insightful comments. I love you guys!