Friday, April 17, 2009

Trip to Ohio..

Here's the trip to Ohio for Easter weekend..completely backwards. i dont like how blogspot uploads photos. i guess i should be used to it by now, but sometimes i forget before its too late. Dad and i went to the Natural History Museum.

you otter go there (a-hyuck!)

he was gooorgeous.

the seeds! one of my favourite sets of old school art in downtown cleveland, along with the Free Stamp.

little jessie apple seed sprouting.

my favourite little family. okay, maybe they are not so little of a family more due next month!!

a series of funny face shots. gotta love them dorman kids.

apparently vomiting is funny to kate.

joshy was my favourite..he kept comparing his funny face to his big brother and sister's faces to make sure his was good enough.


kate simply covering all her bases.

and again.

this is hilarious..i said "okay, happy faces!" and right away kate put on a big ol' grin, but i guess forgot where her hands were. yet joshy is still happy as a clam.

now our turn for funny faces! what else is new?


Pops and i went to a Pink Floyd tribute band at the House of Blues. they were really pretty good.

my beyooful momma at Thai Spice. daannggg good thai food! i highly endorse it.

kisses on berks cheek.

becky Not Posing for the picture. this is just the way she always sits (please note the HOMEWORK under her elbow. its all she does. what a good girl)

i think this is what berk was making fun of. int he just so cuuute? and sunburned.

i love my momma. and berk i like your hair in this picture!

uummmmmm cuuuuuuuutteee...

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