Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Jim's Birthday..

We all went out to dinner for Jims birthday at Texas Land and Cattle. A few of us went back to Jim and Mandys to play some RockBand..a new found favourite of mine.

...still trying to figure things out, though.

The guitar is my not that great at the drums and im too scared to sing in front of people...even though they make me.

i just realized while posting these pictures that i was wearing my shirt that says "A Freakin Rockstar" if you click on this picture you can see it.

Andrew and Mandy.

Jarrett on the mic, Jim on the drums, and Andrew on the lead guitar.

cool, drew. hahaa.

uhhh. zoolander faces?

Mandy and her mom were a little hyper...

Greatest picture of the night...mandy, youre hilarious. im trying to post this in as many places as i can.

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