Friday, April 3, 2009

i Took the Liberty..

Tony, Darren, Courtney, Liberty and I took a trip to Clints Lakehouse to get the RV running. While Tone and Daddy worked on the engine stuff and Momma cleaned the inside, i took the Liberty (hehe) for a photo shoot.

i think this is the only half smile i got out of her. she wasnt a fan of cooperating in front of the camera, but at least she has a daaarling little mug with which to work.

this is my favourite. of course.

adooorable. i think this was her way of telling me "this is boring, aunt jes" little did she know these are the kind of shots i love!

haha! love it. shes so funny.

the "juice" was the only way she would sit in one place without getting too bored. every once in a while she would take a swig.

little fingers. shes just the sweetest thing.

little feets on the tow truck (which we didnt have to use, by the way, because awesome team Tony and Darren [and tow truck/mechanic man] got the RV running so we could drive it home)

her favourite toy of the weekend, which she loved to ride down the veerrryy long and narrow dock. yikes.

Little Libs loves her Daddy.

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Mandy said...

You NEED to take pictures of my kids... I NEED you to. These are GREAT!