Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Explanations..

Alright, for all yall who wanted explanations for the letters in the pictures..

E - i LOVE elephants. whenever tony sees anything with an elephant on it he tries to buy it for me. this is my favourite statue of one that he bought me at an auction. i couldnt think of anything for the E and i was laying in bed one day and saw that the elephant statues legs looked like an E from that angle. perfect.

D - this is the horseshoe pit in our backyard where i was taught how to throw a shoe. correctly. ive still only had about two ringers, though.

W - this was the letter that inspired the entire sequence. i was playing around with settings on my camera one day and was using my left hand for a prop. i took one that looked super cool and happened to be a W with my egypt wedding ring in it. i liked it so much that i wanted to use it for i decided to make a picture sequence. luckily edwards has a W in it, or id be stuck doing "wonderful" or " walloping" good thing.

A - this is the star hanging on our wall. which was freshly painted. so theres a gouge in the paint. because we were too impatient to wait till it dried. yep.

R - this is pretty boring. its the letter on my laptop. but its what he and i do aaalll ddaayyy llooonnggggg. and where would we be without the R key anyway? not here. (not hee)

D - this is a D on my mini pool table that tony bought me for Christmas. it sits on my desk at work and whenever someone comes into my office to tell me something they get distracted and play pool for a few minutes.

S - this is my baby girl Medusa. poor took me at least a half hour for this photo shoot. she wasnt having it. i laid her on the bed and tried for so long to shape her. the more i moved her, though, the faster she would slither away. she had no idea what was going on. but finally i got the perfect picture.

and there ya have it. the pictures were going to go on the wall in a straight line, but ive been too lazy to put them up. they are just propped up on my sewing table for now, but i kinda like them there.

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