Monday, April 6, 2009

Botanical Gardens...

Tony and i went to the Botanical Gardens at Zilker park on our lovely saturday for a picnic!

There was a cactus sale where tons of cactus gypsies sold their plants. and i have neevverrr seen so many weird and gorgeous cacti in my life. this ones call Baby Toes. and it felt like baby toes.

just a few out of a few hundred. these were only 5-10 dollars mostly.

how fun is this!? i wanted to eat it. it doesnt even have spikes! silly cactus.

thiiiis! we loved this, and talked to the cactus expert lady for about twenty minutes. this tree is called an adenium, also known as a desert rose. goofy me, i should have taken a picture of the trunk, which was one of the coolest parts about it. it was only about 3 feet tall and its 20 years old!

but look at that flower it makes. this particular tree was going for $120. whew.

these were super cool, too. this is actually two completely different types of cacti, the top colourful part is a cactus that does not produce chlorophyll. it is manually grafted onto this regular cactus so it is actually living off of the bottom part. like a host. apparantly its very hard to maybe she was just trying to sell it to us ;)

big ol' feeshes. can click on this picture to zoom into that leg muscle, if you want ;)

pretty cool..kinda trippy.

i just liked the ivy. and the boy.

hehehee! i love these next few shots.

oh so bashful.

my turn.

"oh hey..look at this pretty little pink flower.......

uh oh... i know that look......

dangit, tony."

i looove how clear the little feelers came through in this photo. click on this picture to see it closer, its great.

yep. corny. you should love it by now.

hahaha! i had to. it was perfect.

it looks plastic but its totally real, i promise.

i want some of these trees all over the inside of my house.

photo credit: Tony.

this is what happened after i said i wanted a book for a prop... its called an imagination.

i think he was imagining flying for this one..

love this one. ugh. silly boot. (he took a line drive to the ankle)


not so deep.


it was a fun arch. im thinking it will be in more pictures in the future. definitely.


Jennifer said...

Love these pics, Jess - you have quite the eye for good shots. Sounds like fun... I have a friend from HS down in Austin (LOVES it there) and she's talked about Zilker park before - guess we'll have to mark it as a place to visit when we road trip down there (I know, I know... we threaten it a lot, but eventually it WILL happen - when you least expect it :))

Nicci said...

me and Johnny!!!!!!!!